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Casual Wear

Casual Wear – Casual Pakistani Dresses for everyday use

The casual wear clothes are referred to as the clothes used for everyday use. When it comes to casual Pakistani wear,  the choice of fabric and style varies from person to person. Some may like to keep cotton as their preference while other may find chiffon all good to go. Silk and georgette trends are all time favorites too.

Lawn and Cotton fabrics

When we talk about cotton and Lawn fabrics, they are mostly preferred by Pakistanis in their daily life routines, because of the weather conditions in that region. Most of the time during a year, about 6 to 7 months, it’s either hot or humid. Thanks to a number of world-class designers in Pakistan, we have new trends hitting the market every day and latest designs making fashion waves all over the globe. From the short shirts and palazzos in 90’s to long shirts and skinny trousers in early 2000, the circle seems to be coming down again with short shirts back in fashion and palazzos ruling over. This makes us believe that history repeats itself.

Linen and Winter Casual wear:

Linen is a soft garment made from the fibers of the Flax plant. These fibers are supremely absorbent and the linen clothes are well known for their freshness. For a mildly cold day, nothing can beat a beautifully textured linen shalwar kameez. Linen, Marina and winter cotton are most loved casual wear of winter dresses.

Chiffon, Silk and Georgette casual wear

Do we ever get enough of Chiffon and Georgette? A big no for the true at heart Pakistani girls who can turn and twist cuts and styles around, yet come up with perfect looking chiffon clothes. Chiffon is one of the most loved fabric, good for all seasons and reasons too. Be it Spring with cotton and cotton mix, or the summers with lawn fever with an added touch of chiffon duppatas, consider it fall/winter with a variety of chiffons and dazzling silk prints… Chiffon and silk are always the high ranked fabrics for all ages and tastes.