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Libas Collection is located at the intersection of Mississauga, Brampton and Milton, Their goal is to provide latest Pakistani fashion to the community who can easily find Pakistani clothing store near me. Many brands have beautiful unstitched fabric and it is very difficult to find a good stitcher in Toronto. So visit Libas Collection, they got designer’s quality stitched ready-to-wear outfits for you. A large number of suiting, kurtas, Lehngas, bridal, formal, informal, casual, dupattas and trouser at your foot access. unlike other Pakistani clothing stores near me, Libas Collection has fixed prices which means NO BARGAINING which saves lot of time of customers.

zainab chottani at Pakistani Clothing Stores near me
zainab chottani
zainab chottani at Pakistani Clothing Stores near me
zainab chottani at Pakistani Clothing Stores near me

Pakistani Kids Clothing Store Near me

Pakistani girls are beautiful and stylish clothing can make icing on the cake. Elegant, Beautiful and Glorious pieces of Pakistani Top designers are available in your city. Mom & Daughter clothing shows the affection and love between the two and at Libs Collection you can find clothing bundles for them. If you are looking for dresses for your 1 year to 18 years old girl, this is a place for you. Lehngas, Gharara, Shawlar Kameez, Maxi, Short, Long, Tail Style and much more designs available.

KidsClothing at #libascollection A Pakistani Clothing Stores near me
Kids Clothing at #libascollection A Pakistani Clothing Stores near me
MotherandDaughter clothing at #libascollection A Pakistani Clothing Stores near me

Pakistani Jewelry Store Near me

Beautiful stylish Pakistani jewelry is another attraction for Libas Collection’s customers. Because of overwhelming response of Jewelry they increased jewelry vendors so that they can bring more options for you. This one stop shop carries a large variety of jewelry for bridal mehndi, mayoun, and for other events. You can choose complete bridal set or individual items like Jhumka, Earrings, Bangles, Rings, etc at very reasonable prices.

Jewelry at #libascollection
jewelry at #libascollection
jewelry at #libascollection

Pakistani Shoes Store Near Me

Pakistani traditional shoes are comfortable either you get them fancy or simple. Brides love these as an essential part of their Mayoun and Mehdni events. Traditional Khussa’s are very inexpensive and mostly available in beautiful designs. Libas Collection is one stop shop of Pakistani shoes stores near me. Selected variety of flat comfortable, glorious shoes at affordable prices.

Pakistani Shoes Khussa Stores Near me at #libascollection

Pakistani Shoes Khussa Stores Near me at #libascollection
Pakistani Shoes Khussa Stores Near me at #libascollection

Pakistani Clothing Stores in Brampton

So, how to find Libas Collection, it is very easy. SimplySearch “Pakistani Clothing Stores near me” or “Libas Collection” in google, bing or other search engines and you will get it. Then press the Direction button and Navigator will take you to the store.

Just in few minutes of drive from Mississauga, Brampton or Milton you will reach 5 Montpelier St, Brampton at the intersection of Mississauga Rd and Steeles. This is very close to HWY 407 & HWY 401 if you take an exit of Mississauga Rd and drive North, after passing the Steeles Rd, the second signal on your left, you will a plaza. This is your destination and now you are ready for shopping.

Online Store, Instagram & Facebook Page

Selection of your outfit is near easy. Here are few tips for you. Whenever you think to update your closet, First thing is to do little research. Fashion changes everyday, it is a good practice to find what’s new and what goes with your personality. You can search latest articles on Libas Collection’s website. New Arrivals section should be your focus point so you can grasp the glimpse of today’s Fashion.

New Arrivals at Libas Collection

Another way is to subscribe and like Social Media. Latest collection is always updated on online store and facebook.
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Once you get some idea of what you need, it is a time to visit Libas Collection or at 647 760 4937 to discuss the available options. You will be amazed when you get an expert opinion and you will find your desired outfit within your budget.

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