• Sofia Khas MEC – 01 $75.00$95.00

    Step into elegance with Sofia Khas’ Meethi Eid Collection ’24, where tradition meets contemporary style. Crafted in breathable cotton fabric, each 3-piece set features intricate embroidery, celebrating the bond between mother and daughter. With a palette of summer colors, these ensembles radiate joy and grace. Complete with a fancy dupatta, every moment becomes a tale of heritage and sophistication. Embrace the season in Pakistani cloth, stitched with love by Sofia Khas.

  • Sofia Khas MEC – 02 $75.00$95.00

    Embrace elegance with Sofia Khas’s “Meethi Eid Collection ’24”. Luxurious cotton adorned with sleeveless shirt with intricate embroidery on borders captures the essence of tradition. In hues of summer, a black ensemble unites mother and daughter in timeless grace. With a fancy light embroidered dupatta as their crown, they embody maternal harmony. Sofia Khas celebrates the bond with sophistication and style.

  • Sofia Khas MEC – 04 $75.00$95.00

    In the ethereal realm of Sofia Khas, the “Meethi Eid Collection ’24” unveils an enchanting tale of maternal love and timeless tradition. Adorned in embroidered Sorrell Brown cotton, mothers and daughters alike become intertwined in a symphony of elegance. With matching ensembles echoing familial bonds, each piece becomes a canvas of shared joy. Embracing the essence of Pakistani craftsmanship, Sofia Khas weaves magic into every thread, offering a celebration of femininity and cultural heritage. As Eid beckons, step into the enchanting world of Sofia Khas and adorn yourself in the splendor of togetherness.

  • Sofia Khas MEC – 05 $75.00$95.00

    Introducing Sofia Khas’ “Meethi Eid Collection ’24” – a symphony of summer colors and timeless elegance. Crafted from the finest cotton fabric, adorned with intricate embroidery, this 3-piece ensemble celebrates the bond between mother and daughter in style. With matching blue dresses, mothers and daughters alike can revel in the joy of twinning with sophistication. From the fancy dupatta to the impeccable detailing, this piece exudes the essence of Pakistani cloth heritage. Embrace tradition with Sofia Khas and step into a world where fashion meets familial love.

  • Sofia Khas MEC – 06 $75.00$95.00

    In the ethereal palette of summer’s embrace, Sofia Khas unveils a mesmerizing symphony. Embroidered in the purest white, the 3-piece ensemble exudes grace and tradition. With a blush pink dupatta, it whispers of gentle summer breezes. From mothers to daughters, each thread weaves tales of love and legacy. Welcome to the “Meethi Eid Collection ’24,” Sofia Khas paints dreams in Pakistani cloth.

  • Sofia Khas MEC – 07 $75.00$95.00

    Step into the ethereal embrace of Sofia Khas’ “Meethi Eid Collection ’24”, where elegance meets tradition. Crafted from pristine white cotton adorned with intricate embroidery, this 3-piece ensemble exudes sophistication. With a matching black dupatta, both mother and daughter radiate grace in perfect harmony. Embrace the warmth of summer in style with this exquisite Pakistani cloth creation. Sofia Khas invites you to cherish the bond between generations with this timeless mother-daughter collection.

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