• Asim Jofa Abresham Collection _ 03 $145.00

    Embrace regal allure with Asim Jofa’s “Dark Sienna Formal Dress” from the ‘Abresham Collection.’ In a deep plum hue, this three-piece Pakistani ensemble features chiffon and cotton silk. Gold sequins, zari, and intricate threadwork adorn the attire, marrying tradition with contemporary elegance. A winter wardrobe essential, it seamlessly captures the essence of cultural heritage in every stitch. Asim Jofa’s craftsmanship transforms this formal collection into a timeless masterpiece for the modern woman.

  • Asim Jofa Abresham Collection _ 04 $145.00

    Asim Jofa’s “Dark Mirage Formal Dress” from the ‘Abresham Collection’ is a winter delight. Crafted in black chiffon, it features celestial sequins, embodying the charm of a starry night. Aima Baig dazzles in this three-piece ensemble with embroidered details, making it a perfect choice for special occasions. The exquisite design, paired with cotton silk trousers, epitomizes elegance in Pakistani dress fashion. Step into the season with glamour, sophistication, and the timeless allure of Asim Jofa’s formal collection.

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