sheesha work


Experience the elegance of Pakistani clothes with the AIYLA Luxury Lawn Dress. This stunning peach-colored dress features intricate silver-colored embroidery with sheesha work, creating a dazzling contrast against the soft peachy hue. The heavy embroidery in silver on the shirt’s front adds a touch of glamour, making it perfect for special occasions such as Eid parties or other semi-formal or formal events. The dress is made of high-quality luxury lawn material that drapes beautifully, while the same-colored lawn pants provide a comfortable fit. The accompanying embroidered 2 sided bordered chiffon dupatta with sheesha work on it completes the look, making it the perfect Desi dress for any event.


Qalamkar Black Opulence_Luxury Formals is a fitting name for a black silk dress with red and golden embroidery, as it conveys a sense of luxury and grandeur. The black color of the dress signifies elegance and sophistication, while the red and golden embroidery adds a touch of glamour and richness. The name suggests a certain level of opulence, making it perfect for a formal or upscale occasion. Overall, Black Opulence is a name that perfectly captures the regal and elegant nature of this dress.