Qalamkar Golden Garden_Luxury Formals is a name suggestion for a yellow silk dress with red embroidery and a red dupatta with golden embroidery. The name evokes a sense of a beautiful garden filled with golden flowers, complemented by the red accents in the embroidery. It suggests a cheerful and elegant outfit suitable for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a formal event.


Quzey Saffron Sunrise_Chiffon Dress is a stunning yellow chiffon fabric that embodies the warm, vibrant colors of a sunrise. The dress features intricate golden embroidery that shimmers and catches the light, adding a touch of luxury to the dress. This dress is inspired by the beauty of sunrise and is perfect for a formal occasion.


Canary yellow chiffon 3-piece outfit with White embroidery & mirror detailing paired with a chiffon and silk bordered dupatta. Shirt bordered with lace and beads.

3 piece Chiffon outfit


1 Shirt

1 Trouser

1 Dupatta